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How to extract initials using stream in java?

Stream : Extracting Initials

Stream : Extracting Initials

How to extract initials using stream in java

In this Java code snippet, a list of strings named `names` is created, containing full names like “John Doe,” “Jane Smith,” and “Alice Johnson.” Using Java 8 streams, a new list called `initials` is generated by applying a transformation to each full name in the `names` list.

The `map` operation splits each full name into individual words using the space character as a delimiter. For each word, the `map` operation then extracts the first letter using the `substring(0, 1)` method, effectively obtaining the initials.

These initials are collected and joined together using `Collectors.joining()`, creating a string of initials for each full name. Finally, the `collect` operation assembles these strings of initials into the `initials` list. This results in a list containing the initials derived from the given full names.

List<String> names = Arrays.asList("John Doe", "Jane Smith", "Alice Johnson");
List<String> initials =
.map(n ->" ")).map(s -> s.substring(0, 1)).collect(Collectors.joining()))

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