Java8 FlatMap example

Flat Maps with Examples

Certainly! Let’s explore flatMap with examples and explanations. 1. Basic FlatMap Example: Explanation: nestedList is a list of lists. flatMap is used to flatten the nested structure into a single stream of strings. The resulting flatList contains all individual strings from the nested lists. 2. FlatMap with Arrays: Explanation: Stream.of creates a stream of arrays….

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Java 8 Lamda Expression Basic example

Java 8 Lamda Expression basic example

Basic Example: () -> System.out.println(“Hello, Lambda!”); Lambda expression with no parameters, printing a message. Single Parameter: (x) -> x * x; Lambda with a single parameter, returning the square. Multiple Parameters: (a, b) -> a + b; Lambda with multiple parameters, returning their sum. Functional Interface: Comparator<String> comparator = (s1, s2) -> s1.compareTo(s2); Lambda for…

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Stream : Grouping Names by Length

Stream : Group names by Length

Stream : Group names by Length In this Java code snippet, we’re grouping these strings by their lengths. The `groupingBy` collector organizes the strings into a map where the keys represent the lengths, and the values are lists of strings with the same length. The code snippet efficiently creates the `groupedByLength` map, which groups the…

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